i am jef. i write.

You want people to know your company. Every new product, service and intangible thought should permeate your target audience with unrelenting force. You understand you’re going to have to visit the realm of marketing to do this. You also know words will need to be written in order for your story to be told.

No worries. You’re literate. Just take a few minutes, type some glowing words about your company and hit print. Except you hate to write. Or you don’t have time. Or you realize there’s a big difference between the ability to properly punctuate and the skill to assemble words and phrases into powerful, persuasive copy that sells. You may also be aware I detest generic writing and consistently produce positive returns on investment for companies like yours.

You are the ultimate client.

the goal

Overly creative, flowery language doesn’t mean anything unless it sells. Mundane, tedious sentences don’t mean anything unless they sell. If your marketing doesn’t result in a positive return on investment, you’re wasting your money and I’m wasting my time.

A series of sales letters helped take a local company national. A direct-mail/outdoor campaign helped a new charter school reach its enrollment goal in an extremely short time period. An all-media onslaught helped a global company move a quarter million more units over the previous year. These are things I recently did for others. What can I do for you?